Albany Tech receives emergency response vehicles

Among the donated vehicles: A 1947 fire truck from Dawson, which is more for a history lesson than emergency response lesson

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

While fire and police departments retired emergency response vehicles, Albany Technical College sees a wealth of opportunity in receiving the refurbished donations.

"It's excellent to see a police care and ambulance and fire truck allowing our students to have a hands-on education. That's what we're all about here: hands-on," says Don Laye with Albany Tech's Fire Science Technology Department.

With the help of three donated vehicles, some students will get valuable experience that could later help this community.

"Riding into a police vehicle, policing the city and to get trained to do that so when they come out of this, the potential law enforcement people feed into our department and they get further training," says Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

The city of Albany donated a retired police car to assist emergency response students the basics of driving it lessons such as how to secure people and how to transport them in the vehicle.

Dougherty County donated an ambulance which the college will add to its collection. The school already has one neonatal ambulance and an ambulance that is used inside classrooms for training.

"This ambulance from the county will actually be able to make simulated runs to pick up people who might be injured," says Parker.

These new tools will allow students to get out of the textbook, and into an actual emergency response vehicle.

"It's one thing to study the textbook, to see it on DVD, to learn a theory, but it's another thing to actually get to practice with the technology," says Parker.

Laye says these vehicles will allow students to apply the lessons they learn.

"Now we can take them and actually put them on a vehicle and say this tool goes here, apply this this way and show the skills when they're driving these vehicles," he says.

Laye, formerly with the Dawson Fire Department, used to drive the third donated vehicle: a 1947 fire truck. The fire department used the vehicle through the mid-1990s until oil started leaking into the water.

"The old fire truck, she served Dawson well for 60 years and now we're putting her in the hands of Albany Tech to take care of her for another 60 years," says Capt. Rusty Hunter with the Dawson Fire Department.

If you would like to see the vintage fire truck, it is sitting outside the Charles B. Gillespie, M.D. Center for Emergency Responders at the corner of Lowe and Newton Roads.

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