Albany Tech president briefs Kiwanis on graduation rates

Dr. Anthony Parker, Albany Technical College President / Jessica Fairley

Albany Technical College is leading the state in technical college graduates but President Dr. Anthony Parker says the current graduation rate isn't high enough.

During a meeting with the Dougherty County Kiwanis Club Dr. Parker revealed that Albany Tech's graduation rate is close to 50 percent.

This means that one of out every two students receive their degree.

The president for the college says within the next five to seven years the plan is to bring the graduation rate up.

"We want to get our graduation rate to 67 or 70 percent. That wouldn't be good enough but certainly that means that we'd be successful with far more students than we are now," said Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College.

Dr. Parker also talked about future expansion on the west side of Slappey Boulevard after construction on the pedestrian bridge is complete.