Albany Tech peps up its educators

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

Normally it's the students who get the pep talk from their teachers, but this time Albany Technical College is encouraging its educators.

Teachers gathered on Tuesday to become empowered with knowledge of how they can help students achieve their dreams.

A spokesperson from Congressman Sanford Bishop's office spoke to Albany Tech staff members about the barriers that keep students from completing school.

He says personal issues combined with a lack of encouragement can detour a student.

"They're looking to their teachers, their instructors, their administrators for hope and that's what they should get. They should get hope because if they are able to pursue their educational career and get their degree that makes this community stronger, the state stronger, and this nation stronger," says Kenneth Cutts, District Director for Congressman Sanford Bishop's Office.

Albany Tech is continuing the 'Achieve Your Dream' rally throughout this week.

This is the first year for the 3 year program.
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