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Albany Tech host program to help community deal with disaster related trauma

Albany Technical College Special Needs Program hosts “Calm After Storm” on Thursday.

The session was designed to provide help to students, faculty and the community understand and deal with Trauma after January’s storms.

According to Aspire Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Services representatives, disaster related stress can form when people don’t know what to expect or when they experience bad weather after a disaster.

“Individuals may experience problems with every day functioning such as leaving their home,” said Babs Hall, Corporate Compliance Officer. “They may be fearful of going out away from the home in case severe weather was to strike again.”

Experts said someone should talk to a counselor if they are having trouble functioning such as difficulty sleeping, maintaining life balance, increase use of drugs and alcohol, poor work performance, etc.

There are plenty of healthy ways to cope with deal with what is going on.

“One thing we encourage is for people to keep their regular routine so there eating, their exercise, their sleep routine to try and get things into a routine, so that they know what’s expected and they know what their body is going to be going through every day,” said Hall. “Spending time with friends and family gives them an opportunity to be supported and to talk through the feelings that their having related to the disaster that they’ve been through.”

Aspire Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Services has open access hours Monday- Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. for people to come and see a clinician and a 24/7 walk in crisis management service.

They are located at 601 W. 11th Ave Albany, Ga. 31707.