Albany Tech graduates optimistic in weak job market

Albany Tech graduates are keeping their heads high despite desperate economic conditions

Albany Technical College students are excited about graduation, but the news about the declining job market is all but exciting.

As of 2010, Albany Technical College had a 98 percent job placement rate, but with Georgia unemployment at 10.2 percent - the highest in six months how do Albany Tech
graduates feel about their odds at finding a job?

They're optimistic.

"The skills that we learned in the practical nursing program, I think it equipped us very well to obtain a job and it's looking pretty good in the medical field," says Janice General, Practical Nursing Graduate.

"One thing you got now is entertainment and food and Top Chef, so no matter what goes on, people got to eat, so I think I made the right choice," says Arnicius Marshall, Culinary Arts Graduate.

According to Georgia's Labor Commissioner, jobless numbers increased because 5,500 jobseekers, along with those who are already unemployed, can't find work. Regardless of this information, Albany Tech graduates have a positive outlook.

"For the industry that I'm looking to be in, it looks pretty good," says Vanessa Gibson, Culinary Arts Graduate. "The food industry, there's so many things you can be in from serving food to having your own business like a mom and pop shop."

Some Albany Tech graduates say they want to start their own business such as a mom and pop â" something other people say to avoid in this tough economy.

"I say take a chance," says Gibson. "Whether it's now or down the road, if you don't take that chance you won't know if you can succeed or not."

While some graduates are beginning their search for a job or building roots for their own business, at least one graduate received a glimmer of hope even before receiving her diploma.

"I was called while we were having graduation practice this morning about a job so I'm not worried at all," says General. She says it's a temporary job but she's hoping it turns into a full time opportunity for her.

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