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      Albany Tech educates teachers to encourage students

      Albany Technical College held its annual High School Partners Workshop on Friday in the Kirkland Conference Center.

      This event provided information to high school counselors, technical education directors, graduation coaches and other high school officials so that they can encourage high school students to consider technical education.

      Special speakers for this event included: Dr. Michael H. Miller, Interim Associate Provost for Enrollment Services at Albany State University; Ralph Justice with Georgia Power; Sheila Caldwell, State High School Coordinator; Viridiana Manzano, student speaker; Drenda Davis-Jackson, Director of Admissions at Albany Tech; Kenneth Wilson, Director of Financial Aid at Albany Tech; Theodosia Lovett, Students Achieving Success in Engineering Technology (SASET) Special Services Coordinator; and Linda Coston, Associate Vice President of Adult Education at Albany Tech.

      In addition to a scavenger hunt toward the end of the day, attendees had the opportunity to tour occupational areas and learn about existing and new program offerings at Albany Tech. Specific tour areas included: Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism; Marketing Management; Health Care Technology; and Electrical Systems.

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