Albany Tech drafts a winner in sheet metal contest

Officials from ASM Sheet Metal and Albany Tech meet with draft design winner Justin Howard. / Todd Bailey

Albany Technical College drafting student Justin Howard was recognized for a winning deer feeder design using sheet metal by the college and ASM Sheet Metal.

ASM Sheet Metal selected his design because of his structural integrity, durability and cost effectiveness. "This winner actually delivered a design that was surprisingly different than any other designs submitted by drafting students. Sheet Metal continues to test and analyze the winning designs to determine the marketability," added Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing and Product Development for ASM Sheet Metal.

ASM Sheet Metal is currently testing and analyzing the feeder to determine its marketability.

"The functionality and assembly of the product itself, I think it will appeal to the end user and be able to repeat and refer further sales for the product." was the response from Howard when asked what he liked most about his design.

ASM Sheet Metal also presented Howard with a $50 gift card.