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      Albany teacher wins Target Field Trip Grant

      An Albany Middle School teacher won a $700 field trip grant from mega-store Target. Social Studies Teacher Iija Sheffield says she plans to use the money to take her students on a field trip to Atlanta to watch lawmakers in action.

      "I want the lawmaking process relevant to them, not only just to read about it and to do various activities outside of the classroom but for them to actually see it, and then that way they can get a better understanding of how it works," says Sheffield, who has been teaching in Dougherty County for two years.

      She says the students will also make a video project during their trip to Atlanta to show the school what they learned during their trip.

      Sheffield she didn't think she would get the Target Field Trip Grant but says she thought it was worth trying for her students.

      Since the Target Field Trip Grant was established in 2007, they have awarded $9.76 million worth of grants.