Albany Sunday bus service to end

Albany bus makes a stop. / Jessica Fairley

Starting July 1st, Albany residents who ride the bus on Sunday will have to find another way to get around.

The Albany Transit System is cutting out all Sunday routes. This includes Sunday fixed routes and para-routes.

This change is a means to cut costs in hopes of saving more than $70,000 a year.

"The four routes averages about 90 passengers on Sundays and when you compare that to the 2,700 that we get through the week you instantly see a cost savings there," says David Hamilton, Interim Director for the Albany Transit System.

On Sundays, the agency only collects about $145. That's $20 less than the daily operating costs, which are $165 a day.

David Hamilton says continuing Sunday bus routes would almost be like running an empty bus all day. When there are no passengers, there are no profits.

He says in spite of trying to save, he sympathizes with those who will suffer and faithful Sunday bus riders agree with his sentiment.

"I feel that's the wrong thing to do. We need more service each and every day not just on Sundays," says Rudy Strawder.

Strawder, a disabled bus rider, says this will affect others who are disabled and people who work on Sundays.

As the city looks forward to saving thousands of dollars, city residents say they feel left out.

The Albany Transit System also plans to implement cutting back on weekly para-routes starting in August. Para-routes are requested stops from people who call in to the transit station.

Officials hope to alter fixed routes by three quarters of a mile in order to make up for the cutbacks in para-routes.