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      Albany State University honors students for high academic achievement

      Albany State University held their 2014 Honors day in the HPER Gymnasium Friday morning honoring students for their academic achievement.

      This years theme was "Celebrating Achievement, Excellence and Success". The highest ranking students of ASU's four college's were acknowledged as well as other academic achievements

      The Keynote Speaker was State Court Judge for Dougherty County, Judge Victoria S. Darrisaw, who gave advice to the students including 20 tips she wishes someone would of told her when she was in college

      Among the highest ranking students was Freshman, Denerick Simpson who received honors for maintaining a 4.0 GPA with a Science Education major.

      Simpson said, "I have been studying and just putting my hands into God and trusting and believing in him to get this good grades."

      The other highest ranking students included; Brittney Gethers, Ciara Green, Brian Haughton, Nalucha Shakalima, Denerick Simpson.

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