Albany State students march for Trayvon Martin

Albany State students marched for Trayvon Martin and against racial profiling of any race / Sarah Bleau

Chants of "What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!" were heard across the Albany State University campus on Friday evening.

Hundreds of hooded students gathered at the campus for the Million Hoodie March, rallying for justice in the Trayvon Martin case.

"The students here at Albany State University are very concerned about the Trayvon Martin case, and we had no problem getting people fired up about this," says Clarence Washington, ASU Student Government Association President.

After Martin was shot allegedly by George Zimmerman because Martin looked suspicious, it sparked people to don hoodies to show their desire for resolution in the case.

"The crime that's going on in the world has to stop just racism and violence it's very depressing to see that young people are dying," says Shenelle Forde, an ASU Freshman who attended the march.

The students rallying say they're not just focusing on the Trayvon Martin case but the message as a whole.

"That could have been me; that could have been any student that I represent whether they're white, black, Hispanic because this is not just about one race it's about everyone," says Washington.

Elisha Ravenna, an ASU Junior who also attended the march, says he would not want what happened to Martin happening to someone in his family.

"Trayvon could have been my little brother who walks up the hill from my house wearing a hoodie trying to catch the bus early in the morning and what if someone thought he was suspicious and decided to chase after him and fire upon him," says Ravenna.

The students say they hope their actions and their message spread and are embedded in the minds of everyone everywhere.

Washington says they held Friday's student-organized rally in April instead of February in part because it was right before their spring break. He also says it's because there still has not been closure in the case some students felt they needed to take action.

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