Albany State recognizes bridge building engineers

Judges Christopher Butts and Richard Urick award a trophy middle school winners Bryce McGuire and Ashlie McLendon at Model Bridge competition held at ASU's Sanford Gymnasium. / Albany State University

Albany State University has announced the winners of the 2013 Southwest Georgia Regional Model Bridge Building competition held in February in recognition of National Engineers Week.

Officials say the event was attended by 130 student participants, teachers, parents and judges from the industry and engineering student volunteers. Sixty-six teams from four high schools and four middle schools registered for the event. According to competition coordinator, Dr. Atin Sinha, this was the largest participation both in terms of number of teams and number of students. The turnout was 50% more than the previous record.

Jeremiah West, a 12th grade student at Dooly County High won in the high school category and Bryce McGuire and Ashlie McLendon, both 8th grade students at Miller County Middle School won in the middle school category. The event was organized by the Engineering faculty and students at ASU and practicing engineers from local industry and research organizations. The competition was sponsored by the Georgia Space Grant Consortium, a NASA funding agency.