Albany State police train for multiple possibilities

Officers encountered multiple scenarios including routine traffic stops, stops where the driver was uncooperative, and dangerous situations where guns where drawn. / Romney Smith

A traffic stop may seem like a small part of a police officer's day, but they can go from safe to dangerous in a matter of seconds, which is why the Albany State University Police Department held a traffic patrol training session.

Lt. Marcus Guess says the department has to be ready for any and all situations. "We don't know which traffic stop is going be the one that someone pulls a gun. So in the best practice, we always promote officers doing backup with any traffic stop" says Guess.

Officers reviewed multiple scenarios they say could happen at any time. Since safety is important, Sgt. Taniece Harris explains why they don't always walk up to a vehicle. "If they're not stopping where they need to be, we'll use the p.a. system, if they're not automatically rolling their windows down and we can't see in the vehicle, say their tint is too dark, you go ahead and use your p.a. system so they comply to your demands" says Harris.

While a routine traffic stop doesn't require multiple police officers, at any point in time it could become a dangerous situation where guns are drawn. Officers say because of that, they have to know exactly how to handle various situations. "It's not every day we encounter felony stops, so to do the training of felony stops it keeps us on our toes just in case that one day we have that felony stop - we know what to do" says Harris.

Officers told Fox 31 the training helps build their confidence to keep ASU and themselves safe during any kind of traffic stop. "These are mock drills, but they do a very good job of preparing someone for the actual situation" says Guess.

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