Albany State police ready to keep homecoming safe and fun

Albany State University's Homecoming is quickly approaching and campus police have teamed up with local law enforcement agencies to ensure everyone's safety.

ASU Police Chief John Fields says his team is fully prepared for next Saturday, where they estimate a crowd of 8-10,000.

Chief Fields says with crowds that large, you plan for the possibility of something happening so you know how to react.

Police will be present on bikes, golf carts, on foot and patrol cars to make their presence known and have a variety of ways to intervene in case of a problem.

Although Chief Fields says police will have a large presence during the parade and game, students say it won't put a damper on the festivities.

Senior Roderick Jolivette says he has faith in the security provided by the police and people will still be able to have a great time.

Greer Williams, another student, says she's heard nothing but good things about homecoming and hopes people understand that when one person acts badly it ruins everyone's fun.

Chief Fields says in previous years they haven't had a problem and are encouraging parents bringing minors to supervise them at all times so it stays that way.