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      Albany skate parks gets a $5 rental offer

      A representative from Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. approached the Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority with an offer to rent the vacated skate park building for $5.00.If an agreement is struck, the fraternity would be responsible for all bills and upkeep of the facility.James Linton, a representative for Kappa Alpha Psi Inc., says this agreement allows their organization a chance to form a headquarters for their mentor program while taking the operation costs off the ADICA budget.While ADICA official say they're going to look into the agreement, they are still unsure about the terms.

      I'm not 100% and the board isn't either of what direction we need to go but obviously we need more information from the individual, said Aaron Blair, ADICA President.

      Also during Wednesday's meeting, ADICA board members went over possibly renting out the Albany Art Park.The president of the ADICA board says he's received several offers to rent the facility.ADICA officials postponed voting on both the rental offers for the skate park and Albany Art Park until documentation is drawn to lay out the specific terms of the agreement.