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      Albany sailor embark on historical combat sub

      One of Albany's very own is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

      Kevin King, 25, is a sailor aboard the USS Mississippi, the newest Virginia-class attack submarine.

      The ship is set to be commissioned Saturday in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

      King is a Machinist's Mate Weapons man which he says means he's the guy that launches torpedos.

      King is responsible for upkeep of the ship's weapons and making sure they are ready to launch at all times.

      The Mississippi is the most modern attack submarine in the world and King say it's an honor to be apart of it's history.

      It's great. It's really starting to set in knowing that you apart of a big event as this and how many people is going to be here and what it means to everybody, especially here in Mississippi. It means a lot and they treated us well, so it's definitely the highlight of my career so far, says Kevin King, a sailor aboar the US. Mississippi.

      The Navy sailor says he anticipates traveling around the world aboard the ship.