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      Albany rings in the new year with high gas prices

      2013 has already proved to be a record-setting year claiming the highest average for a gallon of unleaded gas on the holiday at $3.29.Georgia rang in 2013 higher than the average at $3.32 but it was Albany who started off with the highest of the three at $3.35.In our Facebook Story of the Day you wanted to know why Southwest Georgians think the gas prices are rising -- but the question left many scratching their heads.Locals like Dolly Pressley say people have no choice but to pay whatever is asked because you need to fill up your tank to get to and from work.Nigel Jones says there really is no reason other than the fact that who's in charge of setting the price simply can.Shonda Taylor says she believes certain stations are greedy and participate in gas gouging, but there are certain places to go to keep the pump from emptying your wallet.Why do you think the prices have jumped up so quickly into the new year? Sound off on our comments section below via Facebook!