Albany residents respond to Mel Gibson rants

Yet another alleged tape recording surfaced of Mel Gibson on a verbal tirade

Yet another alleged tape recording surfaces of Mel Gibson on a verbal tirade, again allegedly talking to the mother of his child. This time threatening to set the house on fire unless he gets sex.

"I will not support someone who made racist comments and promoting the beating of his wife or girlfriend and he did both of those so I will not be interested in supporting anymore of his movies," said Songea Williams-Sichali of Albany.

"I really think that you should really consider what you are going to say when you are going into television or into commercial and i really think he needs to get some psychological help," said Andrà Hightower.

The tapes have been fodder for entertainment blogs and stand up material for late night talk shows. But ask an expert or anyone who has been in verbally abusive relationship and they'll tell you there is little comedy in the situation.

"Sometimes the verbal abuse is way more damaging and sometimes that's what we hear from our victims. They say I would rather be hit then have somebody constantly verbally abusing them," said Silke Deeley of Liberty House a woman's abuse shelter in Albany.

Deeley says many women start physical fights just so they can avoid being talked down to.

"Lots of our victims say to us 'I instigate. I want to get this over with. So when he starts that whole talking down to me, calling me names saying terrible things to me. I'd rather that he just hit me and let's get it over with,'" said Deeley.