Albany residents react to Sherrod resignation

After being pressured to resign, USDA official and Albany resident Shirley Sherrod could be offered her job back.

After being pressured to resign, USDA official and Albany resident Shirley Sherrod could be offered her job back.

On Wednesday dozens of family members, civic leaders, and residents came to show support for Shirley Sherrod.

They say a rush judgment unfairly cost Sherrod her job.

"Just outraged by her treatment considering the fact that she has fought for them, she has fought for rural communities, both black and white people," Sherrod's daughter-in-law Mikhiela Sherrod.

"For all that Shirley Sherrod has done for this community. At the very minimum what we can do is offer our support," said rally organizer Daaiyah Salaam.

Sherrod was forced to resign after video of her surfaced supposedly admitting to not helping a white farmer keep his farm. But it turns out it was only a snippet of a 40-minute speech detailing Sherrod's struggles to overcome racism. She even helped save the man's farm and a later befriended him.

"They have heard the message from her that for the communities to prosper and for things to get better both black and white people have to work together," said Mikhiela Sherrod. "So she was really just bringing out a message of unification and healing."

The location of the rally does hold some significance. Charles m. Sherrod Park was built in honor of Shirley's husband, a civil rights hero and legend here in Albany.

Lee Formwalt is the executive director of the Albany Civil Rights Institute.

"They didn't have all the facts. And to accuse her of racism due to a distorted clip from a talk was a failure in leadership," said Formwalt.

We wanted to know what people on the streets of Albany have to say about the situation.

The opinion was uniform across the board.

"As they start finding out little tidbits. Now they want her to come back but I wouldn't blame her if she didn't come back," said Emma Jean Williams.

"Check it out first you tube is not the bible. This is a teaching moment for us nationally," Danielle Blackwell.

"She's a hardworker. That lady is very educated she knows exactly what she is doing. It's not right," said Christine Bazmore.

"It is purely a rush to judgment and be along just a sound bite that has been edited in a way to influence people's opinion," said rev Eddie Bankston.

USDA secretary Tom Vilsack apologized to Sherrod and offered her a unique position the agriculture department â" no word on what that position is.