Albany residents: Money spent on consolidation a waste

The City and Dougherty County have spent $155,000 on consolidation since 2003

Just when residents in Albany thought they'd get a chance to vote on consolidation, everything changed.

Now some say that money spent on those studies was wasted. House Representative Ed Rynders told Fox 31 News that language in the bill violates Georgia House rules. With only two days left in the legislative session, it appears unlikely the bill will be passed. The City and Dougherty County spent $155,000 on consolidation, mostly for consultants.

"It just shows our government using money that's going to waste. It's important cause I think it's important for the City and County to consolidate, cause it's been successful in other cities," Said Albany resident Ervin Warren.

There is potential the issue could come up again in January when the General Assembly meets next.