Albany Public Works prepares for Hurricane Irma

Albany Public Works is preparing for Hurricane Irma./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

Albany Public Works is preparing for what Hurricane Irma may bring to town.

They’re currently making sure ponds aren’t at maximum capacity so that they can take as much water as possible.

They’re checking pump stations to make sure those are working correctly. Pipes and other infrastructure are cleaned out and ready to go as well.

Public Works is also prepared for any power outages that might happen.

“We have plenty of power poles available and inventories with transformers, and all the things that we need in stock from the January storms that got depleted,” Assistant Manager Phil Roberson said. “We’ve refilled those stocks, and we have adequate supplies now on the electrical utility side to be able to handle any power outage that we have as a result of wind.”

According to the City, if the roads start to flood, you shouldn’t leave your home or current location. That will help prevent your car from getting stuck in dangerous waters.

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