Albany processing center in jeopardy

You may have heard news about Albany's processing center being in jeopardy.

Eric Bailey, president of Albany's American Postal Workers Union, told Fox 31 News the United States Postal Service will be consolidating Albany's processing plant with Tallahassee's plant.

This means the mail will be slowed down considerably.

First class mail will go from taking one or two days, to two or three days.

"And this is going to affect a lot of business customers as well as the regular public. It is going to slow down the checks getting here on time, medicines," says Bailey.

There will be a town hall meeting on Tuesday, December 6 at Albany Technical College's Kirkland Building at 6:00 p.m.

Bailey encourages everyone to attend and voice their opinions.

Bailey says the consolidation is expected to happen in March 2012.