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      Albany prepares its citizens for a 'worse case scenario'

      Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy made its way up the Atlantic coast causing damage and severe flooding to major east coast cities.

      After the flood of 94', Albany is well aware of the devastation a storm like that can produce. Experts with the National Weather Service say when that amount of water is dumped on an area, there's really nothing anybody can do to prevent a flood.

      Any kind of severe weather can happen at any time, people need to have their three day kits ready, said Peggy Hegarty,with Albany TMs Planning and Development Department.

      In those kits should be items ranging from water, food, and protection from the elements, to money, clothing, and even stress relievers, such as games or books.It's important to have enough supplies for 72 hours, explains, Civil Engineer, Ritchey Marbury, That's how long it generally takes for people to get to you to be able to help. So what we're doing is encouraging people to be able to be self sufficient for 72 hours.

      Experts say because Albany is so flat, and is on the Flint River, it's at high risk of flooding, and people need to find out if they live in a flood zone.

      You can find this out by call planning and development services.Albany also offers the Code Red alert system which will notify you if severe weather is approaching. You can sign up for Code Red Alerts at