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      Albany praises National Day of Prayer

      The first Thursday in May is set aside as National Day of Prayer, and thousands of southwest Georgians took time to pray today.

      Bombarding Heaven with requests that God can respond to, and God just doesn TMt listen to anything so we have to in some way think about what we TMre gonna say, said MCLB Base Chaplain Ken Miller.

      The MCLB held a special prayer breakfast in honor of the holiday and guest speaker Major James Edwards said there is a permanent spot for prayer in the military way of life.

      It TMs alright to have people who are on the outside and whose gonna provide us with the beans, bullets and the bandages " but there needs to be something on the inside that can make you get up every day and to do that which needs to be done, said Edwards.

      The ALDON Committee also held a prayer service in downtown Albany. Over 200 citizens attended and prayed for some aspect of the community.

      Right now some say the river TMs going up or it was. The economy TMs going down, people are concerned when we TMre in good times, people are happy and they TMre praying hopefully out of joy, but now people are praying out of necessity of need, said Reverend Garrett Andrew.