Albany postal workers rally to keep facility

Local postal workers are spreading the word about a meeting on December 6th to inform the public about what is happening with the Albany Postal Distribution Center. / Allen Carter

The Postal Service is considering shutting down the Albany mail processing center and moving operations to Jacksonville.

On Friday, postal workers were doing their best to make that doesn't happen. Members of the union were out handing out flyers encouraging the community to come out to a public meeting next week.

There are about 90 union members working in Albany. They say if the facility is closed, many will lose their jobs. They also say it means bad news for the citizens in Southwest Georgia.

"A lot of people are going to be affected if they move that portion away because that would delay the mail from them getting one day service to two or three day service and you know you already have problems with the mail now with the mail already being late, so it would be even more so," said Bridgette Williams of the American Postal Workers Union.

The public meeting is next Tuesday at six o'clock at Albany Technical College.

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