Albany Police working to identify stolen copper sources

Albany Police say they can help victims of copper theft if they label their items in the first place

Albany Police need your help identifying stolen copper wiring and air conditioner coils.

The weekend of Oct. 23 and 24, police arrested 28-year-old Rasheen Wheeler in connection with the stolen materials found at the 1800 block of South Jackson inside a Chevy Tahoe. Police say some of the material was being burned.

Copper has monetary worth and is often sold to scrap yards. APD officials say the copper they found is worth several hundred dollars.

Police say some material was traced back to Albany Air because they labeled their material. Now police want to know where the copper was stolen from.

"Individuals can help us out with labeling your wiring and labeling your air conditioner so if you are a victim it helps us to identify your items," says Cpl. Shemika Foster with APD.

Police say the case is still under investigation, and they're working with surrounding law enforcement agencies. They say the copper may have come from other local areas. Charges against Wheeler are pending.

If you have any tips on where the copper was from, call Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS.