Albany police sharpen skills on the road

Officers will be graded based on their timing and ability to maneuver through the course.
/ Jessica Fairley

Albany police officers are taking a training course designed to improve their driving skills.

Officers started out Monday morning in a classroom setting before heading to the corner of Slappey Blvd. and Oakridge Drive to test out their skills.

While on the obstacle course, officers were timed and graded on how quickly they could move through the course without knocking over the cones.

All uniformed officers are participating in the course with other staff to set be trained on the course at a later time.

The obstacle course is a version of the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course that most officers have to go through during basic training.

"It gives them even more opportunity to see what their personal reaction times are, what their perception is to different obstacles that come up on them and it just gives them an overall sense of how to be more safe with the automobile," said Chris Owens, Instructor for First Line Training Security.

Owens says after driving through the course several times, most officers show a great improvement on their skills.

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