Albany police search for missing woman near Briarwood Dr.

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

First Update
Authorities say that a woman who is believed to be named Tracey Murray called into the Georgia Crisis Hotline from a 404 phone number and said she may cause harm to herself. The Hotline sent information from the call to local dispatch which contacted Albany police who are investigating the call. They were able to trace the call within 1000 feet of Briarwood Drive.

The search has moved into the multiple areas including Mock Road, Johnson Road, the Liberty Expressway and the the Marine Canals near Briarwood Drive for the time being.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Tracey Murray is asked to contact the Albany Police Department.

Initial Story
The Albany Police Department is searching for a 53-year-old woman on Briarwood Drive.

The Georgia State Patrol has brought in a helicopter to aid the search.

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