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      Albany police lieutenant retires after 28 years of service

      Lieutenant Catherine Gervin of the Albany Police Department is retiring after 28 years and 1 month of service.

      "Over that last couple of weeks I've been able to reflect with some of the younger officers, and some of the stories that they've shared with me and the thanks that they've given me for my leadership, it makes it all worth it", Lieutenant Gervin.Representatives from the APD's support service bureau, uniform bureau, investigative bureau, Albany Dougherty Drug Unit, family and friends sang her praises during the Friday morning retirement party.They said she was tough, fair, and was always there for whoever needed her.

      Lieutenant Gervin was known to be a stickler for properly written police reports, she believed the report should reflect the quality of the officer.

      "She wouldn TMt except anything less than the best, so she made sure that we were professional in everything that we did", explained Captain Benita Childs. Lt. Gervin thanked her family for being understanding throughout her career, and asked everyone still in law enforcement to do their best when they come into work.She ended saying not goodbye but farewell.