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      Albany Police, law enforcement groups make ten arrests

      The Albany Police Department has Zero Tolerance for crime and they proved that Tuesday night during an insurgent for their campaign against crime at Highland and South McKinley. It TMs one of many insurgents to come over the holiday season.

      What we wanted to do today, tonight rather, is come out and show a force, high visibility and eradicate some of this crime, says APD Capt. Ryan Ward.

      Ward is the commander for the Highland and South McKinley area. He says it TMs plagued with prostitution, aggravated assault and drugs.

      But APD tried to put a dent in crime in that neighborhood Tuesday night.

      APD made a total of ten arrests along with numerous citations by the end of their insurgent on Tuesday. Officials say the arrests included those for illegal drug possession, suspended licenses and for having a warrant against them.

      Police and law enforcement groups say they want to make their presence known in the community and make neighborhoods safer.

      I talked to one lady here tonight and she told me she has resided in this area for 40 years. This is her first time seeing an insurgent of this magnitude and her response was, ~I TMm so glad you TMre here. What took you all so long? TM She is not the only person who told me this tonight. That lets me know we TMre doing something right, says APD Deputy Chief Nathanial Clark.

      Highland and South McKinley typically has a lot of traffic, but after law enforcement appeared for the insurgent, things slowed down. Officials say many neighbors made calls to their friends telling them to stay away from the area because of heavy police traffic.

      Mayor Pro Tem Chris Pike is in charge of that ward. He and law enforcement officials say they want people to know they TMre not messing around.

      Police department is out in strong force tonight giving citations and letting people know crime TMs just not going to be tolerated in the city of Albany, says Pike.