Albany police investigate string of burglaries

Burglar target business vending machines.

Albany police are investigating a string of burglaries that took place over the weekend. Four businesses were targeted by a suspect believed to have robbed the companies previously.

"About three years ago we believe this same villain broke into the place. The methods and the execution of the burglaries were exactly the same," said Southway Crane Owner James Simons.

In the police reports, the thief hit the Boys and Girls Club at 1112 Inverness Road first. He escaped with cash from the facility's vending machines.

After leaving that location, the suspect then went to Darsey Oil Company on 307 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

"He took the outside skin off, came in with the use of the hammer or feet, knocked a hole through the plywood on the back of the cabinet and came in through the cabinet," said Darsey Oil Company Owner Chuck Darsey.

Three years ago a similar incident happened when someone broke into the company and damaged Chuck Darsey's vending machine. This time was different because there was no vending machine.

The owner says once alarms went off, the crook fled.

The thief then showed up at Southway Crane located at 1125 Don Cutler Drive. He broke in and vandalized the business' soda machine. Although, he didn't get much money.

"He didn't even make minimum wage for the amount of work he put into this," said Southway Crane Owner James Simon.

According to police records, the last place hit was Flint Equipment Company on Blaylock Street. Three machines were damaged when the crook came in through fans in the ceiling.

Southway Crane, Darsey Oil Company and Flint Equipment Company all say they have been targeted by this coke machine thief several times. They want justice.

"I just hope that we can find this guy," said James Simons.