Albany Police Department's Family Protection Unit gets cited for award

On Friday, the Albany Fire Department presented the Family Protection Unit with a citation award.

During 2011, this unit provided information on domestic violence to the public.

They also created youth training programs and numerous opportunities for the children of Albany to be mentored by the department officers.

Some of these events and topics include: Stranger Danger, Personal Hygiene, career fairs, Xmas is July, Family Empowerment, Safety Tips for Home Health Providers, and the NYSP program at Albany State University.

"I'm greatly appreciative of receiving the unit citation for the family protection unit. I have a great group of officers and we work excellent together. We all decided in 2011 that we would work to improve the perception of the Albany Police Department," said Family Protection Unit Sergeant Tracey Hudson of the Albany Fire Department.

In the future, the unit hopes to provide a better relationship with the citizens of the community and educating them on various services available.