Albany police conducting random searches

APD conducts random checkpoints to check for drivers without their licenses and for people who may have warrants

The Albany Police Department wants to maintain a presence in the community as a way to deter crime.

One way they are accomplishing that is by conducting random checks in local neighborhoods, from Northwest Albany to East Albany.

"What we try to do is we periodically -- nothing scheduled, nothing that's pre-planned in the sense that we have it set on a schedule -- so that way we can be an officer presence and try to deter crime in the city of Albany," says APD Investigator Schemika Foster.

Police stop vehicles passing by intersections they patrol, looking for those without their driver's license or proof of insurance.

"That's against the law so we're making sure they have their driver's license," says Capt. Mack Green with APD. "We got some subjects that were wanted that had some subjects that was wanted, who had warrants on them, so we picked up some wanted persons."

It's those wanted persons that APD Investigators keep an eye out for during the patrols.

"We're assisting the uniformed division and the officers to see if we can come into contact with persons that are wanted, maybe possible suspects that we're looking for in burglaries, entering autos, general thefts," says Foster.

Albany police say most of the stops are routine but occasionally they have drivers who say they need to check in their things to see if they have their driver's license, and that's when the police know something may be up.

"They know they don't have anything but they say 'let me check,' and we let them check but when they can't come up with their license, they're going to jail," says Green.