Albany police chief has 'utmost confidence' recent murders will be solved

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said he is confident both of this weekend's homicides will be solved. / Mary Green

After two shootings turned deadly in a two-day span, Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said he is confident both of them will be solved.

The two murders brings this year's homicide total in Albany up to 18. All but three of those have been solved, a number that includes both of this weekend's.

Persley said investigators are reviewing evidence and surveillance video and working to figure out who the killers are. They have not yet released the names of any suspects.

However, he said they'll need the community's help to close the cases.

"We're tired," he said. "We're tired. However, we're not going to give up. We're not, and we want to make sure that the families of these victims, that they can feel confident in knowing that we found the ones who were responsible, and we brought them to justice."

Persley said even the smallest tip can be a big clue for investigators, and he encourages anyone with information on either homicide to report it.

Call Crime Stoppers at 229-436-TIPS or the Albany Police Department at 229-431-2100.

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