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      Albany police charge ahead with new cars

      The Albany Police Department is looking a little sleeker these days thanks to a new fleet of Dodge Chargers.The department was allocated the money for 29 of the vehicles in last year's budget and has recently begun implementing the upgraded cars. As of today, there are 14 on the road already. APD will trade in 29 of the older Crown Victorias for the Chargers that cost $42,359.49 each, the lowest bid offered to the department.

      "The Dodge Charger was the lowest bid in the bidding process. That was the main reason we chose the Charger, we were able to get them at a much lower cost," said APD TMs Public Information Officer, Phyllis Banks. Each Charger is fully equipped with things like a computer, radio and emergency equipment package.As an added bonus, the new patrol vehicles get 18 miles per gallon.Banks says the old Crown Victorias will be auctioned off on a government auction site and all profits will go back into the department's funds.