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      Albany police and Crime Stoppers calculate payouts

      As a result of tips coming in to Crime Stoppers, the Albany Police Department is bringing several armed robbery suspects to justice.

      During Tuesday's Crime Stoppers meeting board members worked with APD officials to award those who spoke up about criminals in their community.

      Albany Crime Stoppers voted to pay out $1,450 to callers for leading police to the arrest of suspects involved in one home invasion and four armed robberies.

      The majority of the tipsters will receive between $200 to $300 dollars, while one person is set to get $500 for leading cops to suspects involved in several high profile robberies.

      We're definitely getting more calls coming into the Crime Stoppers program which is really good for the community. The reward payouts are greater. People that are calling in are getting paid very quickly with large sums of money based on the crime. So it's really effective," said Jason Thornhill, Chair of the Crime Stoppers Board.

      Those with Crime Stoppers say now that the economy is picking up, they are able to give better payouts that are adjusted nationally.

      While callers will receive awards for calling in, officials haven't released the names of the cases because they are still ongoing.

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