Albany pit bull ordinance tabled

Albany City Commissioners have voted to table the pit bull ordinance during their Tuesday evening meeting. / MGN Online

In Tuesday's Albany City Commissioners meeting, the motion of the board was to table the Pit Bull Ordinance and there was no discussion before the final vote. Board members voted to table the matter and according to commissioners, this is more than likely the end of the ordinance.

"It's over with. It was tabled. Nobody brought up a date for them to revisit the issue so it's pretty much over with," said BJ Fletcher, Albany City Commissioner.

Fletcher said the ordinance wasn't clear. She stated the law should be concise so that enforcers would know the proper guidelines.

Laurie Jenkins, an Animal Rights Activist, has been following the case. She's satisfied with the decision but still concerned about what will happen down the line.

"My concern is that we're not looking at it long range. We can't just put a band aid on it and throw a few dogs in a concrete pin and think that's going to take care of it," said Laurie Jenkins.

Jenkins wants stronger spay and neuter laws.

While the Pit Bull Ordinance has fallen by the wayside, Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard is hoping, for the victim's sake, it doesn't just disappear.

"The pain, the suffering, the fear, the scars, they have to live with all their life. So I'm not so sure that it's just going to be dropped," said Dorothy Hubbard.

As of right now, no date has been set to re-visit the pit bull ordinance.

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