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      Albany pays big bucks to keep the city running

      In the Facebook story of the day you wanted to know on average how much the City of Albany spends on electricity.The most recent data shows the city pays $250,000 a month for electricity.While this may sound like a lot of money the city has a lot of departments using power.Places such Albany parks, the Civic Center, and even the water treatment plant, all contribute to the electric bill, and officials say it's just the cost of doing business."People want services, and if they want lights or they want their toilet to flush, or you want to go the a gym you got to turn the lights on, and the pumps have got to work, you know we have to serve and that's what it cost to do the work," said Assistant City Manager, Wes Smith.The biggest contributor to the city's electric bill is street lights which cost around $1.3 million a year to operate.

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