Albany pastor headed to the state capital

Pastor Rance Pettibone will sit on the GABOE Parent Advisory Committee. / Jessica Fairley

After a long application process, one man who's adopted three schools has the chance to get more involved with the education system.

Pastor Rance Pettibone Sr. has been chosen by a panel to sit on the State's Parent Advisory Committee.

For the next year, Pettibone and 35 others from across the state will serve as ambassadors to State Superintendent Dr. John Barge.

"It's an advisory group of parents that can give you the parents perspective how what's going on at the state level can impact their community," says Matt Cardoza, Georgia Board of Education Communication Director.

Panelist will have the opportunity to touch on what they think are major issues and setbacks within their community.

For Pettibone, one of the biggest challenges holding back the Dougherty County School System is cooperation.

"The school board should be one. The chairman should be speaking for the school board and the superintendent for the faculty but normally when they come out, one is trying to up this one and up that one," says Pastor Rance Pettibone, 2nd Bethesda Baptist Church.

Although an agenda hasn't been set for what the advisory board will review, officials say there are current and upcoming changes that school officials will need their insight for.

"You've got big policy issues like the implementation of the common core curriculum, and the career pathways that's going to be put in place next school year. So there are a number of variety issues that I know they will be talking about," says Matt Cardoza.

Pettibone's hope is to represent Albany well in the state capital and bring home what's he's learned.