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      Albany Panthers team takes a timeout for the fans

      The football players, dance team and staff from the Albany Panthers took some time to talk with their fans at Tuesday's meet and greet

      The Albany Panthers are gearing up for this year's football season!

      The team held a meet and great Tuesday evening. The football players, dance team and staff took some time to talk with their fans as they enjoyed free food and refreshments.

      General Manager Will Carter says team training has been going well and it should be a great season. He encourages the Southwest Georgia community to come to their games this season.

      "This is the biggest show in town. There's no other event that's going to put 5,000 plus fans in one place at one time. This is the season opener. We got a lot of excitement: We got youth arena football for the kids, we got a panthers marching band, we got great food and a great product," says Carter.

      The first game for the Panthers is on Saturday against the Louisiana Swashbucklers at the Civic Center.

      The Albany Panthers recently added a marching band to their game entertainment. Local high school students will play before the game and during halftime.