Albany organization recognizes local non-profits

Kisha Holland explains to Liz Dixon of Graceway what's included in her gift basket

Local non-profits got a big thank you from the Department of Community and Economic Development Tuesday.

A bar of soap may not seem like much, but to the men, women and children who take advantage of certain nonprofit agencies in town, it can mean a great deal. And it was more than just soap the Department of Community and Economic Development gave to five local agencies.

"What we wanted to do was select five organizations that we felt like didn't get as much funding as some of the other larger shelters and just provide them with a little token of appreciation just to say thank you," said Kisha Holland of the DCED.

They've stuffed these baskets with toiletries, soap, detergent, things that these agencies need desperately on a day to day basis.

"A lot of the times when the women come to us, they're completely indigent, they don't come with anything and these items will help them feel comfortable and cared for," said Liz Dixon of Graceway.

"They come in, they're nervous to begin with and when they receive something, it just makes them feel welcome and feel at home and it helps them to move into that transition," added Larry Daniel of the Albany Rescue Mission.

To some, the recognition was a surprise.

"We're humbled by the outpouring of support," said Dixon.

A surprise, they say, they wish they had more of.

"If there were more people in the city like this, things would go a lot smoother because funding is down," says Leslie Revill of the Faith Community Outreach.

"Everybody wants to know what they can do to combat addiction in our community and this is a great start, this is what you can do, it takes action and it takes everyone," said Dixon.

To donate or volunteer at Graceway, call 229-446-4550 or go to You can also call the DCED at 229-483-7650 to learn more about these organizations.