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      Albany MillerCoors eliminates 40 tons of monthly waste

      Albany MillerCoors became the sixth brewery in the company to become completely landfill free, which they announced during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

      Representatives were given a goal to find a place for the 40 tons of monthly waste the brewery produces by 2015, and though it was a challenge they say they found ways to make it work.

      "We need a successful recycling program and that's what we installed. We've got a re-use program, we had to find folks who would take some of our recycled goods that then they could further recycle and reuse," said Albany MillerCoors Vice President Tim Dill.

      The last bit of waste that didn't have a home is sent to a facility in Panama City which produces energy using the trash, and officials say though at times being 100% landfill free can be costly, it also has its benefits.

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