Albany Middle School gets 30 new computers

Albany Middle School students received 30 new computers, all donated by a local business

Albany Middle School students received 30 new computers, all donated by a local business. It's to get the students pumped up about math.

"When they said to us that we were going to get 30 laptops, we were like 'wow,' we really need that," said Gloria Baker, principal at Albany Middle School.

That's right 30 brand new computers were donated to the school by local military contracting firm Raytheon.

The computers also give students access to Raytheon's mathematic education program called Math-MovesU.

"It's an interactive web based program that allows students to really see how math moves in our world today. Math is as much a part of b-m-x racing as it a part of the laboratory," said Gregory Frich of Raytheon.

The questions on math-moves-u are very challenging for anyone. And that's why officials at Albany Middle School say the program is going to be used for their honor students.

Math MovesU gives them an opportunity to experience a variety of different simulations and within those simulations they have different math skills that are students are getting to practice with.

Raytheon officials say getting students in math and science is important to do especially when they are young and hopefully it's an investment that will pay off later on.

"We'd like to introduce that as early as possible to try and get the most talented engineers and scientists and mathematicians and strengthen America and hopefully a lot of those will come over to Raytheon one day as well," said Frich.