Albany man killed by ex-wife

2414 Habersham Road

Police say a domestic argument led to the fatal shooting of an Albany man early Tuesday morning.

Howard Wood says his neighborhood is usually quiet and safe.

"We never have any problems out here, " said Howard Wood of Albany. "All the neighbors, we kind of stick together."

But gunshots from the home at 2414 Habersham Road shattered that tranquility Tuesday morning around 12:45, leaving one man dead and his ex-wife in the custody of Albany police.

"When the officers arrived, they learned that an altercation had occurred between the victim and the suspect and at some point, a weapon was introduced, said Phyllis Banks-Whitley, the Public Information Officer for the Albany Police Department.

32-year-old Christopher Donaldson was transported to Phoebe-Putney Hospital but was pronounced dead about an hour after he arrived.

33-year-old Marlina Hamilton was arrested on the scene and taken to Albany Police Headquarters for questioning â" she has not been charged with any crime at this time.

Albany police actually first visited the residence about two hours before the shooting in response to a call about a domestic argument. They told us they found no signs of any physical violence and no arrests were made.

Officers reported that they asked the eventual victim, Christopher Donaldson, to leave and he did.

They also say they advised both Donaldson and Hamilton of the options open to them, which is standard procedure when dealing with those involved in domestic dispute.

"When it comes to domestic violence, the officers thoroughly speak to them about the resources that are available," said Banks-Whitley.

Albany police are still investigating what caused the fatal argument and who owns the handgun used in the shooting.