Albany man has ties to Indiana tragedy

Brandon Podgorski's parents and cousins were at the Indiana State Fair when powerful winds caused the main stage to collapse, killing five people / Ashley Knight

At least five people are dead and over 40 others injured after a stage collapses at the Indiana State Fair.

One Albany resident was worried for his family's safety.

Strong winds caused the massive stage to collapse right before the band Sugarland was about to perform.

Darton College Fitness Center Director and Assistant Basketball Coach Brandon Podgorski says his parents along with a few cousins were at the fair in Indiana when the stage came crashing down.

He spoke with his mother shortly after the incident.

"I guess they made an announcement that inclement weather was coming, especially high winds. She thought, looking at the skies, it could be a tornado. She started to take cover and no more than about a minute or two after they made an announcement, you just hear just bloodcurdling screams, there was a crash and she obviously knew something bad had happened," said Podgorski.

Folks rushed to the stage to help the injured.

The fair will reopen Monday morning with a vigil for the victims.

Sugarland has issued a statement expressing sympathy for victims and their families.

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