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      Albany leaders learn how to live long and prosper

      Many Southwest Georgia leaders met on Thursday afternoon to hear about how to expand the city of Albany to prosper in the future.

      Ray Gilley, CEO of Solodev, a company based out of Orlando, began by highlighting Albany's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to show the leaders what they're up against and what needs to be done in order to continue growing.

      While educational numbers and distance from metro areas work against the city, Gilley says the diversity and leadership put in place is where Albany shines.

      In order to continue to become a hub for high community prosperity, Gilley says Albany must focus on employment, education and economic development, or the "three E's."

      Gilley then presented some ideas for Albany to use that would focus on these areas which include building on the culture of communication, collaboration and partnership, thinking about career academies and charter schools, and leveraging technology for more virtual education.

      Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says the forum was exactly what she had hoped for and says many officials were given plenty of ideas to work with and build on in the future.

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