Albany leaders get together to stash some trash

Albany and Dougherty County employees including many government leaders hit the streets Friday kicking off the 19th annual "Stash the Trash".

Keeping downtown Albany from appearing like a ghost town, city officials continue to try to attract new businesses; cleaning up the city will drastically help. With the people who helped out Friday and those who are going to help out later this weekend, currently Albany is a fairly clean city, but they're not content with the present, they're focused on the future.

"This is a good day, but a better day will be when we can encourage people to stop throwing out trash out of the vehicles," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams. "We're going to intensify efforts to try to catch those people who are discarding trash through our city."

City Commissioner Jon Howard says he wants Albany to stay clean.

"What we do with an event like this is try to spruce it up and to really educate the community that this is the 'Good Life City' and we certainly want to keep it this way for many years to come," said Howard.