Albany is one step closer to higher taxes

City Manager, James Taylor, speaks to the Albany City Commission about the need for a millage increase

/ Colby Gallagher

The Albany City Commission took a preliminary vote on the 2013 fiscal budget Tuesday afternoon - but it wasn't an easy task.

If passed, the budget will include a 1.33 millage increase for residents which translates to around $100 more of taxes for a property worth $100,000.

The Commission voted 5 to 2 with Commissioner Roger Marietta and Commissioner Jon Howard voting against the increase, but City Manager James Taylor expressed the need for it.

"What the budget means is going forward, it's an opportunity to address some of the challenges that we face that we know we've got to make a lot of corrections between now and 2018," said Taylor.

Our media partner, The Albany Herald worked with us on this story and will bring you more information about the vote in tomorrow's newspaper.

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