Albany Housing Authority invests in choice neighborhoods

The Albany Housing Authority talking about choice neighborhoods. / Jessica Fairley

In its first meeting of the year, the Albany Housing Authority continued planning efforts for choice neighborhood upgrades.

The board is looking to purchase several condemned homes in order to use the land to begin the first phase of a housing replacement effort. The ultimate plan is to clear the land and build mixed income rental housing.

The housing authority is also working with community members to bring fresh produce to the area by setting up community gardens.

The board voted to approve and set aside $20,000 to jump start a Community Housing Development Organization. The funds will be spent to help with administration costs to get the CHDO established.

"Initially the plan is going to acquire some existing homes, to rehabilitate those homes and then to sell those to persons who want to come and help transform the neighborhood," said Dan McCarthy, Albany Housing Authority Executive Director.

The money will be paid back to the Albany Housing Authority once the Community Housing Development Organization makes a profit.

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