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      Albany Housing Authority earns nearly $1M grant

      The Georgia Department of Public Health in Atlanta helped the Albany Housing Authority secure a $900,000 grant to help the homeless and those recently released from jail transition back into the community.

      The Bryne Criminal Justice Innovation Grant will help step up policing patrols based off of targeted research conducted by Albany State University. The grant will go hand in hand with the Oaks at North Intown Transformation Plan so that over the next few years the entire area will benefit from the extra programs and security measures in place to develop it into a thriving community.

      Albany Housing Authority Executive Director Dan McCarthy says the grant puts them one step closer to their vision. This is just a piece of the puzzle. This is just one of the building blocks to get us from where we are now, which is a community in distress to where we want to be which is a community of choice says McCarthy.

      The area benefitting from the project ranges from the Albany High School area to 2nd Avenue, to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and Roosevelt Avenue.

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